House Party Rules

Yes the best thing about moving into student accommodation is house parties. What makes these so appealing is the fact that your now living away from home. No parents and no body breathing down your neck!

If like me you have moved into a house as your chosen student accommodation then I have put together these simple rules for you to follow to have the best ever house party.

1) People, you need people but not to many so do not be a Muppet and advertise it on Facebook, but on the other hand don’t forget to tell your friends and their friends else you will get a big fail.

student accommodation party

2)Pop, more precisely booze and in abundance because we student can drink for England. Best to get your self down to the super market for them cheap deals.

student accommodation alcohol

3)Games, come on this is university so why not get in the spirit of things and get some classic drinking games on the go, my favourite is spinning around with the stick, you know what i am talking about.

student accommodation twister

4)Cameras out, you may not have invited Facebook, but get all those funny embarrassing snaps online.

student accommodation party

5)Food, you need to soak up the beer. Not much of a snack man myself so I always ensure I have a take away ordered from the local Kebab house.

student kebab

6)Tunes, its your student house so get them fat tunes blaring. @but what about the neighbours, more than likely they are students also, invite them round.

fat bass

7)Tidy,OMG did I just say that. Do not geek out but at least have a few bin liners on hand to every now and then you can fill up with rubbish. The only reason I give this tip is it means there will be less to do with your fat hangover in the morning.

party mess

8)Last but not least BOOZE, yep more booze. No student house party will be completed unless it has a classic bowl of punch like they do across the pond.


So there you have it, my guide to a party in your student accommodation. Please though be aware that is not responsible for your behaviour or actions and certainly does not condone it.