Things to do

Lots to do at Uni, not just studying

There are some brilliant activities to get involved in when at University. The more extracurricular activities you can do, the better. These can all go on your cv and will show potential future employers that you didn’t spend all of your time partying at Uni, but took it seriously and knuckled down to work. It will also show them that you are a self-starter and are motivated to work hard.

sports and other uni activities

So, what can you get involved in?

There are plenty of opportunities for extracurricular activities within the uni campus – clubs, groups and sessions run internally which are brilliant time fillers. Before you commit to an internal club, consider how thinking outside of the box could give you the edge over the competition when you leave uni and are looking for work.

Ideally it would be good for you to be involved with something that is going to support your long term career goals – consider what job you would like to do when you eventually leave university and what activities you could undertake which would support your knowledge or experience in that area – and which may even provide you with links to potential employment when the time comes!

How about volunteering in the Community? There are endless opportunities to support your community and get some brownie points, look at children’s centres, youth centres, athletics departments, schools, clubs, libraries – the list is endless. Firstly consider what you would like to do when you leave university. If you are studying photography, how about contacting the local youth centre to see if they would be interested in you coming down to talk to the 12+ group about photography and showing some of your photos off – maybe letting them have a go with some cameras, that would look lovely on your cv!

If you want to work in childcare, see if there is a regular under 5s session you can volunteer at. In a climate where jobs are scarce, it is vital to have the edge on your competition and anything which makes you stand out from the crowd is a winner! Children’s centres are always on the look out for people to support their sessions and volunteer! If you have a speciality, you could even use this to run a session for them.

Do consider that if you are working with children or vulnerable adults that you will likely need to be CRB checked. This is a way for those running these groups or sessions to ensure that you are not a high risk to those you will be in contact with. This is routine and nothing to be concerned about.

If you are interested in property, look at local estate agents – there are bound to be other students looking for properties and you could perhaps volunteer to teach them the ropes in a new area where they don’t know anyone or anything. Use your experience of house hunting in a new area to support their decisions – where are the best student houses, which parts of town should they avoid, are there any tips you could share to help them pick the best property to live in? You could offer to do some house viewings, share the hotspots for places that are really popular and offer them some reassurance that this confusing new tenancy agreement in their life is actually not a big deal as long as they don’t abuse the property that are moving into!

There are endless opportunities for ways in which you can spend your time at Uni around working, picking the right ones will offer you the chance to stand out of the crowd when it comes to assessing your time at uni and trying to get a job!


The necessity for affordable rooms.

You can have to have beneficial locations to keep as a student. Lodging for students need to be safe and secure. Costly rooms are out of the query for students. It truly is only organic to see students seek low-cost lodgings. Looking for more affordable accommodation within the UK is quite effortless. Fantastic places to stay which can be cheap will often stay in demand. People with funds can afford to pay for high priced private residences. Students are generally on a modest spending budget. Students don’t come across it effortless to produce ends meet within the UK. If you are looking for rooms for rent, you’ve got a lot of selections to choose from in the UK. You may share lodgings and that is less expensive. You may even try a youth hostel for residing quarters inside the United Kingdom. In the event you are willing to share rooms, you’ll find dormitories that happen to be readily available for students. There are actually hostels in the United Kingdom that cater for the student population. There is absolutely no shortage of fantastic places to stay for students. It is possible to even choose to live with ordinary folks. This concept of living with households might be pretty convenient and straightforward. It’s handy to live with other families as you have the convenience of bed in addition to breakfast. You’ll uncover high-priced lodging in huge cities. A city like London could be incredibly costly. Students who want to study in London or in Manchester would find factors a good deal additional high-priced. It can be incorrect to assume that low cost places to stay are certainly not very good enough. High priced places to stay will not be normally the top. If you want to study abroad, accommodation is constantly uppermost within your mind. You must try and book places to stay ahead of time. Due to the fact the student population is around the rise you have to be certain, you go in early. Students from numerous parts of the globe come to study inside the UK. Students from various parts from the world appreciate to study inside the United Kingdom. It is less difficult to study in the UK as English is spoken worldwide. You should program ahead as it is pricey to study within the United Kingdom. When you land in the UK, the very first thing you look for is boarding and lodging. Cities for instance London are very costly. If you don’t have enable, it may be tough to get places to stay. You can’t study as a foreign student without having a student visa. In the event you wish to operate, you are likely to will need a perform permit also. Students enjoy studying in the UK as it has a lot to give to students. Most foreign students dream of studying in nations for instance the United Kingdom. It will be great for the career to have a college degree from a reputable British college. A diploma within a professional field can perform wonders for you. You can find some great universities having a rich history in the UK. Foreign students are constantly in pursuit of admission from one of the respected colleges within the United Kingdom. It truly is not unusual to determine students flocking to colleges and schools inside the United Kingdom. Young men and women who study within the United Kingdom understand that they’ve a massive chance to perform nicely in life. You may make use of the yellow pages to look for appropriate student rooms. Often, student accommodation off campus can be a really good thought.

Utility Bills

Student Accommodation Utility Bills

Yes, this is an over-site by many including myself so I though I would share my thoughts with you. I live in the great student accommodation Nottingham city has to offer. I found my property by doing a lot of on-line research. I used various sites to gain information and ideas of how to get the best properties and which area. Why? you may ask. Simple really -Money. To many of my friends seemed a little over keen to sign for the best and lavish at $90 per week this enhancing there student loan to new heights. I did not want to do this, I figured that by shaving $30 per week from my rent I would be saving a fortune and not only that I guess that $30 would easily cover my going out or even utility bills. Which leads me nicely onto Utility Bills

My Utility Bills in Nottingham Student Accommodation

I put Nottingham in the title because i think it is important that people are fully aware that my out goings and budgets are reflected in the city I am staying in. Cambridge, london etc will all have higher rents and possibly rates.

Living in a large shared house is great, we have freedom and space but we also have independence from one another. This means when i am out the house the heating and electric may still be on. If i am the only one in the house then maybe the heating and electric will still be on. Independence can also bring conflict such as, I am more than happy to pay may share of the bills but them maybe someone else is not. Maybe someone is using far more and i mean notably more power and gas than me and I feel it is a little unfair that they pay the same as me.

All this can cause problems so what do you do.

First of all chat about how you will be and manage your utilities. There are a few options available to you these being:

  • Inclusive bills – cost of utilities is included in your rent so it is always paid and never fluctuates
  • Agree an amount to contribute and any surplus created can be for drinks etc at the end of the year
  • Use a company that manges your bills for each individual so that as long as you pay your share you are not involved with any disputes with providers.

Get serious about how together you can save on your bills. Why not implement ideas that could save such as:

  • Buy an electric fan heater so that when there is just 1 or 2 of you home you can leave the heating off and just heat the lounge or bedroom.
  • If you have a combi boiler, shower etc when the heating is on, there will be many showers and baths used in your house and buying doing this in conjunction with your heating helps you get the most from your boiler.
  • Try and oven cook together, in a family home these points may sound like a penny here or there but the reality is in your student accommodation you will be getting through the units quickly and these savings will add up. Buy cooking together the best you can will probably save 50 pence to a pound per day.

Some helpful links regarding this advice can be found here:

Student accommodation Nottingham – advice on living in student housing

Glide – system for managing student utility bills individually

Student beansstudent accommodation bills – Great student blog filled with tips and advice


House Party Rules

Yes the best thing about moving into student accommodation is house parties. What makes these so appealing is the fact that your now living away from home. No parents and no body breathing down your neck!

If like me you have moved into a house as your chosen student accommodation then I have put together these simple rules for you to follow to have the best ever house party.

1) People, you need people but not to many so do not be a Muppet and advertise it on Facebook, but on the other hand don’t forget to tell your friends and their friends else you will get a big fail.

student accommodation party

2)Pop, more precisely booze and in abundance because we student can drink for England. Best to get your self down to the super market for them cheap deals.

student accommodation alcohol

3)Games, come on this is university so why not get in the spirit of things and get some classic drinking games on the go, my favourite is spinning around with the stick, you know what i am talking about.

student accommodation twister

4)Cameras out, you may not have invited Facebook, but get all those funny embarrassing snaps online.

student accommodation party

5)Food, you need to soak up the beer. Not much of a snack man myself so I always ensure I have a take away ordered from the local Kebab house.

student kebab

6)Tunes, its your student house so get them fat tunes blaring. @but what about the neighbours, more than likely they are students also, invite them round.

fat bass

7)Tidy,OMG did I just say that. Do not geek out but at least have a few bin liners on hand to every now and then you can fill up with rubbish. The only reason I give this tip is it means there will be less to do with your fat hangover in the morning.

party mess

8)Last but not least BOOZE, yep more booze. No student house party will be completed unless it has a classic bowl of punch like they do across the pond.


So there you have it, my guide to a party in your student accommodation. Please though be aware that is not responsible for your behaviour or actions and certainly does not condone it.